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Auriga 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Michigan Letter M Enameled Basketball Pendant for Women (L-24 mm, W-16 mm)

Auriga 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Michigan Letter M Enameled Basketball Pendant for Women (L-24 mm, W-16 mm)

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Product Specifications: Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated LogoArt University of Michigan Letter M Enameled Basketball Pendant Elegantly Crafted in Highest Quality for Luxurious Shine and Feel. Weight : 2.25 gram. Length : 24 mm. Width : 16 mm Timeless Designs: Our jewelry collection features timeless designs that transcend fleeting trends. From delicate and minimalistic pieces to bold and statement making accessories. each design is carefully crafted to maintain a classic and enduring appeal. These jewelry pieces effortlessly elevate any outfit and can be enjoyed for years to come. Luxury Grade: Our jewelry collection incorporates only the finest materials available. This includes the use of high-quality precious metals such as 10K and 14K Gold. Platinum and Sterling Silver which are sourced exclusively. Gemstones of the highest Caliber. such as Diamonds. Rubies. Sapphires. and Emeralds are meticulously selected for their exceptional Color. Clarity and Brilliance. The use of premium materials ensures that each piece radiates Luxury and Maintains its Beauty for generations. Assured Purchases: Buying from Auriga Fine Jewelry means a promise given to the customer while purchasing the jewelry item that they can trust and believe in the Quality. Authenticity and the Value of the Jewelry they are purchasing. Luxury Gift Packaging: Our luxury gift packaging is the perfect way to make your family members feel special on their Birthdays. to celebrate the love and commitment of an Anniversary and to Honor the beautiful bond you share on any Occasion. It's a heartfelt way to show your wife how much you care. to express gratitude to your mother. to make your daughter or son feel loved. to strengthen the bond with your sister. to bring a smile to your grandparent's face. to spoil your favorite aunt. or to express gratitude and friendship to your best friends.

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