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Perlglow 4 inch Round Deep Downlight Luminaire, Black Smooth, LED Recessed Light Fixtures Ceiling Lights 3000k.

Perlglow 4 inch Round Deep Downlight Luminaire, Black Smooth, LED Recessed Light Fixtures Ceiling Lights 3000k.

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Downlight: You can create led ceiling lights with deep round downlight luminaire. This can be easily installed. You can give your ceiling lighting a nice finishing touch by using this with a led recessed downlight. This type of fixture can be used for any recessed lighting. This ceiling light fixture can be used in a variety of different locations. including basements. garages. living rooms. kitchens. bathrooms. and bedrooms. Promotes Relaxation: 3000k led recessed lighting 4 inches creates a pleasant. warm atmosphere. making them an ideal choice for relaxing areas. The main objective is to create a comfortable environment. A color temperature like this one is ideal for places where you relax. such as the living room or bedroom. since it gives you a cozy and sleepy feeling. Light comes with a BX connection and is made of high-quality materials. Superior Lighting Experience: Get superior lighting quality all the time with these 4-inch led recessed lights. It is flicker-free. offers zero delays. and provides outstanding indoor and outdoor light quality. Low-profile 120-volt led light produces 1100 Lumens at 15 watts. which is nearly as bright as a 120W incandescent light. and boasts a high color rendering index (CRI)>90. A better output will be achieved with a higher lumen output. Dimmable: You can dim these dimmable led ceiling lights from 5% to 100%. providing a controlled lighting environment based on your preferences without flickering. Set the dim-down setting according to your preference. By dimming recess lights 4 inches you can save energy and change the visual appearance of your space. The IC-rated and airtight products are designed for wet locations. making them suitable for both commercial and residential settings. Certification and 3-Year Warranty: Perlglow provides 4-inch recessed lighting which has been tested by Intertek and has been found to meet national standards that are IC (airtight insulation contact) and ELT (engineering and luminous technologies) listed. A 3-year warranty is included with our round recessed lights. Over its lifetime. it is rated for 50.000 hours of use. If there is a problem with the recessed light. please contact us.

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