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Victor Fitness | Blue Durable Yoga Mat with Gray/Black Waist Trimmer

Victor Fitness | Blue Durable Yoga Mat with Gray/Black Waist Trimmer

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Victor Fitness YogaBeBlue Anti-Slip High-End Thick and Durable NBR Yoga Mat with Travel Straps Included - Blue NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) mat is comfortable. thick and durable 71-3/4" long and 24-1/4" wide. ensures comfort for all shapes and sizes 1/2" thick. exceptionally cushions on hard surfaces Anti-slip on both sides to prevent injury Moisture resistant. fights sweat and allows for easy cleaning Victor Fitness VWTGBM Gray and Black Waist Trimmer The expandable. neoprene material makes it soft and comfortable for all-day wear. No need to worry about it digging into your skin Comes in a range of sizes to fit everyone Not only can you take this with you to the gym. but can also be worn while doing everyday activities The therapeutic heat increases the amount of sweat you produce during your workout Stay motivated to do better with diet and exercise by using our waist trainers The cushions compress your muscles. helping relieve any muscle or back pain Improves your posture and helps release stress from your lower back Great for anyone experiencing any lower back pain or just looking to burn some more calories throughout your day.

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